Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tortellini Soup

This fast and easy recipe once won me the "Best Soup" award at the ward Halloween party. I was actually a little embarrassed, as I chose the easiest soup I make because of a lack of time. It's wonderful though and very hearty.

2 T. olive oil
1 lg. onion, chopped
1 pkg. mild ground Italian sausage
4-6 cloves garlic, chopped
2 quarts chicken stock
2 lg. cans diced tomatoes
2 sm. bags of baby spinach
1 pkg. fresh basil, chopped
1 lg. pkg. refrigerated cheese tortellini
salt & pepper to taste
grated parmesan

Heat olive oil and add onions. Sauté until tender. Add sausage and garlic (break up sausage) and cook until done. Add stock, tomatoes, spinach and basil. Add salt & pepper to taste. Bring to a boil for a few minutes. Add tortellini and boil for about 8-10 minutes, but be careful not to overcook them. As soon as they are done, take off of heat. If you make it ahead of time, just do everything but wait for the tortellini until last minute. Makes a very large pot of soup.


  1. This is my favorite soup, second is your tomatoe basil soup!! You are an amazing cook!!! Kathy Crosier

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